Public Safety and Supporting our Police

In the face of rising crime rates, Alice Rolli is committed to the safety of all Nashville residents. She supports our police and understands that they are essential for maintaining peace and security in our communities. Alice is committed to providing our law enforcement with the resources they need to protect us effectively and will work to foster trust between the police and the communities they serve.

Fiscal Responsibility and No More Tax Hikes

Alice Rolli is a stalwart defender of Nashville taxpayers. As a Mother and a business owner, she recognizes the tremendous burden that ever-increasing property taxes have placed on families and small businesses. She’s the only candidate who has signed the Americans for Tax Reform Pledge, vowing to oppose and veto all efforts to increase taxes. Alice is committed to fiscal responsibility and will work tirelessly to ensure that Nashville’s budget is managed with the utmost care and efficiency, prioritizing essential city services and bringing financial stability back to our city.

Education and Protecting Our Kids

With her background as a school teacher and businesswoman, Alice Rolli brings a unique perspective to education. She believes that every child in Nashville deserves a high-quality education, and she will work tirelessly to ensure our schools are transparent, accountable, and focused on student success. Alice supports the voice of parents in choosing the best school for their child. She will fight to create safer school environments – for students and teachers – where learning can thrive. Through her commitment to placing a School Resource Officer in every school she demonstrates her dedication to protecting our kids and ensuring they learn in safe, secure environments.

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