Community Leaders of America, the home of the national forum of Republican mayors, city councilmembers, and county leaders, recently endorsed Republican mayoral candidate Alice Rolli as the next mayor of Nashville.

“Alice Rolli represents the best of what Republican leaders offer – pragmatic solutions, fiscal conservatism, and a drive to create opportunities for all. We are confident that, as Mayor, Alice will ensure public safety, champion civil liberties, and protect taxpayer resources with a common-sense approach,” the organization released in a statement.

Rolli responded to the organization’s endorsement in a statement, saying, “We know that settling for the status quo in local elections is what has ruined too many great cities and mayors like David Holt in Oklahoma City and Mattie Parker in Fort Worth have proven better is possible when we set standards for accountability, transparency and results for our citizens. I’m honored to receive their endorsement. With this election, Nashville has a choice to reject the recipe book that has failed great cities and together we can chart a bold new future.”

Rolli has served in public service at both the state and federal levels, including her previous duty as an aide to retired Tennessee U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander and as assistant commissioner of Strategy for the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development.

As a military wife to a combat veteran, Rolli has traveled around the country and world, which has added to her experience as a public servant, including her time as a teacher at Los Angeles Public Schools when the district was experiencing a teacher shortage.

According to her website, if elected, Rolli’s top priorities as mayor would include public safety, fully-funded public schools, and a focus on managing the city’s continued growth.

The 2023 Nashville mayoral election will be held on August 3, with a runoff on September 14, if necessary. Voter registration ends on July 5, with early voting beginning on July 14. The last day to request an absentee ballot is July 27.