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“A new mayor who has ruled out further tax hikes would be a breath of fresh air for individuals, families, and employers across Nashville and Davidson County… I commend Alice Rolli for making this important commitment to Nashville taxpayers,”

Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform

“We’ve had too many leaders in our city come to believe that cutting special deals for large corporations is somehow the most important metric of Nashville’s success. But Alice Rolli, on the other hand, has proven time and again that mustering a grassroots army to defend the things that truly make Nashville a great place to live, is what it should be all about. For Alice, the right measure is not how many people or companies we pay to come here, but instead it’s the quality of life for all who are committed to make our city their home.”

– David Fox, Whitland Neighborhood

“I have known Alice for many years and we have worshiped side by side  – on park benches, baptisms, weddings, funerals and worn pews.  She lives with a light that reminds us that faith is a verb.”

– Ashley Elizabeth Graham Johnson, Wedgewood – Houston

“As a former educator herself, Alice has the ability to frame the work of education in the realest terms – not in the made-for-clickbait sound bites, but in the voices of teachers, students, and parents. In the early part of COVID one of the first things removed from the state budget was a fund to help with children’s mental health. When a special session on education was called, and that was not included, she worked tirelessly with legislators and stakeholders until those dollars were included in the new budget. Alice is what those of us who grew up here in Tennessee call a workhorse, not a show horse.”

– J.C. Bowman, Antioch

“Intergovernmental relations” is a term often used in our public arena with little understanding of what it means. Yet our next mayor will have to deal with significant changes in relationships among all levels of government and among the officials who hold policy-making posts. Policy, financial, and political networks link the national government through state governments to local governments and create differing structures of program implementation. Of the many skills I think the next mayor will need, the ability to build intergovernmental relationships is at the top of my list.  Alice Rolli has years of experience and  maintains many relationships at the federal and state levels.  Her deep engagement in neighborhoods like my own, Edgehill, equips her to understand and successfully lead the impact of these changes for all our citizens.  Alice and I often disagree about issues, but for over a decade, I have observed her courage, honesty, and spirituality.  As a lifelong Democrat, I decided it was time to look beyond party affiliation and ask myself, “Who has the heart, honesty, and breadth of experiences to lead our city in the years ahead?” I kept coming back to one answer- Alice Rolli.”

– Dr. Pearl Sims, Edgehill

“I’ve known Alice for several decades and worked closely with her at the Department of Economic and Community Development. Whether on a trip to Tokyo or in the halls of the General Assembly – I’ve seen her intellect in action and watched her work to create solutions to benefit our residents. No one has all the answers – but I trust Alice to work to find the best solution.”

– Andrew Dunn, Green Hills

“In the years I’ve known Alice, we’ve traveled the country and our city supporting music education for all kids. I’ve seen her heart for service at work. She is the kind of leader – compassionate, committed, and willing to do the hard work to create a seat for more voices at the table. Often, people make assumptions based on a party that an individual cannot share in their beliefs or sensitivities, but Alice is someone I trust and has demonstrated that equity is important to her. I have seen it in her work; from her efforts to save Fort Negley, to her creating free access for the arts and music education for students around the United States.  I have confidence in her intentions, and in her inclusive style of leadership.”

– Manuel A. Delgado, East Nashville

“Alice and I go back to a time when parking downtown was $2 for the whole day! A lot has changed about Nashville but not Alice. She hosted our scout troop as we were preparing for Philmont – and so I can say I’ve seen her walk the walk of caring about the future of kids in our city. Like a lot of Hume Fogg graduates, it is hard to put a label on her. She’s a force.”

– John D. Richardson, Brentwood

“When Alice launched the petition to save Ft. Negley, we were up against some tremendous forces. I wrote to her and offered that she could auction off my painting, Freedom Fighters, if it would help pay for the legal bills. With great conviction she told me that we’d never sell my painting and that she believed it would one day hang in the visitors center. Over the next few months – in church basements, kitchen tables, and neighborhood meetings she followed her heart for our city and built a coalition that proved unstoppable.”

– Joseph D. Love Jr., Bellevue

“I’m a newcomer to Nashville and a mutual friend from our MBA program introduced me to Alice. The first time I went to Nashville’s “rock block” – it was Alice who took me there. She oozes passion for the history and the people who make this city so special and she enjoys helping connect people so that more have a way to contribute to Nashville’s future success.”

– Caroline O’Sheasy, Germantown

“Music and photography brought Alice and I together many years ago – I am a professional pianist/vocalist in Nashville and I also work with my husband in his local photography/videography business. Alice is always looking for ways to help promote others and build their success. When she thinks of policy issues – she starts from the frontline experience of families like our own with our special needs son. Her empathy will guide her to govern with a mother’s heart. We need leaders like Alice who truly care about the real-life concerns of the citizens and families of Nashville.”

– Teri Reid Fontaine, Crieve Hall

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